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Joshua Silverman, Realtor®

Joshua Silverman, Realtor®

Meet Joshua Silverman

Get the industry's most trusted, accurate, agent-produced property valuation with fast turnaround and no hard sales. Call Josh to get started at 415-230-8887.

For over 30 years, RMC has offered property owners professional management solutions to maximize the value of their portfolio. Our philosophy of growing portfolio returns hails from our buy and hold roots which is a policy has that has proved very effective for the vast majority of our valued customers.

For property owners seeking portfolio expansion and higher rental yields, we offer RMC Sales solutions, an approach that allows you to effectively reconsider alternate portfolio returns based upon a deeper understanding of your existing rental business combined with RMC's deep insight within the SF Rental Market.

RMC can give you the numbers to help you determine if your building is a good candidate for a sale based upon your long term goals. In many cases, we'll tell you to stay and hold, but in some cases, there may be an opportunity for you to benefit from a strategic sale, allowing you to either cash out, make needed improvements to another property or take advantage of opportunities in the market to add higher value properties to your portfolio.

You can trust RMC to give you a frank assessment to help you make an informed decision. For more information, call Realtor® Josh Silverman Today at 415-230-8887.

Client Testimonials

“Josh’s expertise was instrumental in my acquisition. There were many complexities to this transaction, including absent leases, a forthcoming foundation repair and other much needed capital improvements. Josh knew how to identify, navigate and resolve the issues. He is candid in his assessments and has a strong attention to detail. The acquisition would not have been completed without Josh’s thorough work.” - Max R., (7 unit multifamily) - San Francisco
“Josh represented my family in the purchase of our first property and we found him to be extremely responsive, helpful, and knowledgeable about the process. He made a potentially stressful and difficult purchase experience much more understandable and helped us to feel comfortable with it. He did an excellent job learning what features and amenities were most important to us and was there to apply his expertise in selecting the perfect place. We plan to work with Josh again in the future. He's the best!” - Jeff P., (6 unit multifamily) - San Francisco
“Josh was great for us. We had to hurry on our closing, but Josh was able to help us in our tight squeeze. Josh was honest, professional and patient. Very happy with the service provided.” - Zack L., (Home) - Castro Valley
“Josh was polite, patient, and insightful throughout the buying process. He took over from another agent and helped us through a challenging negotiation with an unresponsive bank owner. He checked in daily to keep the process moving, came out to the property a half dozen times to let us plan repairs, and drew up numerous contract changes to meet the seller's requirements. If you get a chance to work with Josh, take it.” - Corey B., (Home) -Oakland
“Josh was great to work with. We had tight deadlines for a quick purchase and did many of the transactions from out of town; no matter what, Josh was right there when we needed him. He was a great advocate and gave good advice. We will definitely be recommending Josh to our friends!” - Kim R., (Home) - Alameda