Cap Rates 101

When you’re thinking about buying and investing in apartment buildings the most important measure of value is the capitalization rate or “cap rate.” This is a way to express the net operating income in relation to the purchase price to show how much of a return you get on your investment in the building. Essentially, it’s the amount of money you’d make after paying all expenses if you paid all cash to acquire

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All About Accessory Dwelling Units

On today’s show we’re going to discuss accessory dwelling units and illegal units. We’ll talk about the issues surrounding both kinds of “extra units” and how property owners, tenants, and politicians are approaching them. 

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SF Atty Deflates AirBNB

Today I’m going to talk about “home sharing” and the announced settlement between AirBnB, HomeAway, and other home sharing platforms in their suit against the City of San Francisco that requires short-term rental hosts to register with the City. The Board of Supervisors passed a law in June, 2016 establishing a City agency, The Office of Short-Term Rentals (, responsible for policing and registering short-term rental units and hosts.


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Are you getting screwed out of your security deposit?

Security Deposits are the most frequent cause of legal trouble in the Bay Area rental market. What are your rights as a tenant or as a property owner? How do you know the difference between legitimate charges, questionable charges and charges that are simply wrong. What can you do to make sure that you are protected up front. Don't get taken advantage of when it comes to #SecurityDeposits. Tune-in to today's show to learn more. Click here for today's show at 3pm PST

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All About San Francisco Soft Story Retrofits

All wood-frame buildings with five or more residential units over three or more stories are required to complete mandatory seismic retrofitting work. The goal is to make a majority of the residential units in SF more structurally sound so that most people will be able to shelter-in-place during the next big earthquake.

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My Top Tax Tips for 2016

Top Tax Tips for Real Estate Investors - I’m not a tax expert. This is just a basic overview and you should always consult with your CPA or other tax advisor before making any decisions with your investments.

Income taxes vs. property taxes


Capital gains

Maintenance vs. capital improvements

Home interest deduction

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The 5 W's of Renting Your Single Family Home or Condo (part 2)

Smart Apartment Advisor Show No. 21: "The 5 W's of Renting your House or Condo." Today we'll wrap up last week's discussion of when it makes sense to rent houses and condos in San Francisco. Last week I discussed who I typically meet and what they're looking to rent; this week I'll discuss the "when, where, and why" issues around this topic.

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The 5 W's of Renting Your Single Family Home or Condo (part 1)

One of the most common new business calls I receive is for homeowners looking to rent their single-family homes or condos and they want management and/or leasing services. These calls can be distilled into the basic who, what, when, where, why questions to help qualify these prospects.

Homeowners’ insurance vs. fire and liability landlord’s policy. Include personal injury coverage and your property manager as an additional insured (typically doesn’t cost anything).

The Smart Apartment Advisor Show for Wed. Jan 18th

This system is broken because it allows ANY objection for ANY reason to derail the process of building more housing to satisfy demand. I believe we need a system that does a better job of balancing actual positive or negative effects from development of new buildings with the overall priority to build enough housing to meet the needs of people who want to live here.


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The Smart Apartment Advisor Show for Wed. Jan 4th

Politicians are more interested in suppressing fire to preserve the stock of rent controlled units so they can solidify their voter base and get re-elected than actually protecting the lives at stake. Prevention is how to save lives. 

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The Smart Apartment Advisor Show for Wed. Nov 30th

We’ve talked about evictions on the last few shows and now I’d like to dive a little deeper into the concept of “nuisance” as it relates to life in apartment buildings and whether it’s enough for someone to be evicted. 

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The Smart Apartment Advisor Show for Wed. Nov 16th


Is AirBnB contributing to San Francisco's housing crisis? Are you breaking the law in how you use AirBnB

Board of Supervisors passed legislation limiting AirBnB rentals to 60 days in ALL circumstances at their meeting yesterday. What does this mean?

Definition - short-term rentals as less than 30 days at a time.
All short-term rentals must be registered with the City’s Office of Short Term Rentals 


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The Smart Apartment Advisor Show for Wed. Aug 31st

I’ll be on Brian Copeland’s show on KGO 810AM on September 28, not September 7, at 3PM. Looking forward to discussing this and other fascinating topics with Brian on the radio next month!

Trivia Question for a Copy of My BOOK! Our standard policy is to get a rental application from all individuals 18 years of age or older at the time they move into an apartment. Under what circumstance is someone under the age of 18 allowed to rent an apartment on their own?  ANSWER: An Emancipated Minor.

The Smart Apartment Advisor Show for Wed. Aug 17th

#MissionDistrictFires and Tenant and Property Owner #Insurance buying blunders

On today's show, J.J. references the recent CurbedSF report regarding the rash of fires in the Mission District and the aftermath affecting tenants and their displacement. This led to a discussion focused upon Insurance coverage and mistakes made by both Landlords and Tenants in purchasing the right coverage for their needs. Learn what types of insurance is available for both tenants and landlords and which is preferred depending on your needs.