RMC Rental Policy

Viewing Instructions


RMC hosts open houses for all available units every weekend, please refer to our RENTALS page for specific times.


Monday thru Friday between 8am-3pm, we use a key checkout system that does not require an appointment. Please come to our office at 1234 Castro Street at 24th Street in Noe Valley to check out keys. You will need to bring a photo ID and a $40 cash deposit. We'll make a copy of your photo ID and return it to you and we will return your $40 deposit when you return the keys in an hour.

Screening Criteria

Every resident over the age of 18 must apply ($40 application fee required) and all of the following criteria must be met for approval for one of our rental units:

  1. Each applicant, or one person from each group, must personally view the unit before applying.
  2. Income – 3x the monthly rental rate in verifiable gross monthly income. Acceptable proof of income is: a current pay stub, a current offer letter on company letterhead or the front page of your latest 1040 form. Bank statements and unreported cash (tips) will not be considered.
  3. Credit – FICO score of 640 or higher. We run our own credit report.
  4. Landlord Reference – Provide full contact information for a prior landlord.

Co-signers may be considered if income or credit is below our minimum. Co-signers must submit a rental application ($40 application fee required), have verified income at least 5x the rental rate, a FICO score above 640 and a mortgage in good standing showing on his/her credit report. If your application is approved, you must submit a cashier’s check for the security deposit and first month’s rent within 24 hours.