The book that started it all.

The Smart Apartment Investor: My how-to guide for managing apartment buildings for creating and transferring family wealth

Interested in apartment building investment? San Francisco is the world's most competitive apartment market and nobody understands what it takes to succeed better than professional apartment investor and property manager, J.J. Panzer. J.J. is the recognized D.I.Y. Apartment Owners' Authority in San Francisco. As the President of Real Management Company and six-time San Francisco Apartment Association Trophy award winning property manager, J.J. has shared his experience on how to acquire and manage apartment buildings for creating and transferring family wealth. In this concise and clear guide, J.J. will cover all aspects of apartment investment and management. From finding the right property and negotiating the right price to best practices in serving tenants and property maintenance, this book covers it all. If you're serious about doing things the right way the first time for a long term view, "The Smart Apartment Investor" will become your trusted guide on your road to becoming a success as an apartment building owner.