We help you navigate the complexities of the SF Rental Market.

RMC’s Management Offerings

The Real Management Company's property management services uniquely benefit owners who have decided that they would like to maintain their investment in San Francisco property but for a variety of reasons do not wish to be involved with the day to day operation of rental property.
Our management clients enjoy the freedom of knowing that we are taking care of the following for them and their property:

  • Rent collection and annual rent increases
  • Keeping informed and within the boundaries set by ever-changing and sometimes increasingly complex local, state and Federal property regulations, including the San Francisco Rent Ordinance, Fair Housing, lead, asbestos, and mold laws
  • Regular and emergency maintenance including 24 hour emergency service
  • Re-rental of vacated units including:
  • 15-day initial move out inspection for tenants before they've moved
  • Return of security deposit and deduction of appropriate charges, documenting tenant-caused damages with digital photography
  • Cleaning, renovating, and photographing vacant units when they are ready to rent
  • Advertising and placement of photos on www.RMCsf.com website, Craigslist, and partner websites
  • Showing vacant units 7 days a week
  • Screening and qualifying potential tenants, obtaining credit reports, and verifying income and references
  • Preparation of lease documentation
  • Bookkeeping and preparation of monthly balance sheet and cash flow statements, along with distributions
  • Payment of all bills and expenses including vendors and, at the owner's request, taxes, insurance, and mortgage payments
  • Day to day communication with tenants
  • Contract terms, including fees, for property management are negotiable based on building size and income. If you would like to receive more information about the Real Management Company's property management services, please contact us at info@rmcsf.com or 415-821-3167.

Our office is open from 8AM-5PM Monday through Friday
Leasing Services
If you like managing your investment property but cannot help but cringe at the prospect of having to find, screen, qualify, and go through a lease signing ordeal for a unit you have vacant in your rental property, The Real Management Company's outside leasing service is a great choice! You can remain responsible for the day-to-day management and operation of your building and hire us to rent your vacant apartment.
We will be glad to provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that we have found you a tenant who will be appropriately qualified to pay rent on time, take good care of your property, and behave in a respectful manner. To that end, we perform the following services for our outside leasing clients:

  • Visiting your property when it is in clean and ready-to-rent condition to take pictures
  • Placement of pictures on our website with a description and contact information for interested potential tenants
  • Twice weekly marketing of your vacant unit on Craig's List, linking this advertisement to pictures on our website and our contact information
  • Communication with interested potential tenants who come to our office, call us on the phone, and send us email
  • Showing vacant units 7 days a week
  • Screening and qualifying potential tenants, obtaining credit reports, and verifying income and references

Preparation and signing of lease documentation
Sending you a closing statement along with documentation, including lease, rental applications, full report on the results of our background checking, credit report, and payment for rent and security deposit collected
If you have any questions about our outside leasing service or would like to discuss a vacancy, please contact us at info@rmcsf.com or (415) 821-3167 for more information. We will be glad to answer any questions you might have and discuss our fees with you in detail.