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The Smart Apartment Advisor Show for Wed. July 13th

Hey everyone! Reading material for my 3PM Smart Apartment Advisor Live Post:…/san-francisco-evictions-data-a…/

We'll be discussing analysis of eviction data and the difference between "just cause evictions" and "low-fault/no-fault evictions!"

One more bit of reading material for today's 3PM Smart Apartment Advisor Live Post:…/SF-tenant-rent-increase-Christopher…

We'll be discussing how this happens and the rules for tenants and roommates in San Francisco's complex Rent Stabilization Ordinance. 

Join me and bring your questions to add to the conversation!

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2016 San Francisco Mid Year Apartment Market Report by RMCsf

Real Management Company 2016 San Francisco Rental Market Mid-Year Briefing

Will there be a course correction in 2016/2017?

Owners who benefited from the strong 2014/15 market might forget how over-the-top it was in terms of rents so they might read more into a declining market than is necessary and possibly overcorrect. I’m offering this informal briefing resulting from the combined observations of our own customer data set as well as from local industry and news reporting. Halfway through 2016 we are seeing a slightly negative trend in the San Francisco rental market. Our clients’ rental units are...

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